A Complete Guide for Choosing the Best Direction for Meditation Practices

As daily stressors continue to abound, one refuge people can use as an escape is meditation practices. The outcomes of meditation practice are commendable, so more people are trying it out. However, one issue beginners tend to struggle with is finding the best position for meditation.

To get the most out of meditative experiences, it’s important to know what you’re doing.

Regardless of whether you’re just starting meditation programs or you’re a frequent flyer, you need to know how to get your bearings and face the right direction for the spiritual traditions of meditation.

Here, we’ll be taking a quick look into these crucial aspects of mediation practice and learn how to do meditation right.

Meditation Practice – The Basics

Meditation is one of the many contemporary traditions that possess a variety of physical and emotional health benefits.

Meditation is a way to achieve altered senses and improve overall brain functionality. By habitually training your mind, you can better focus your mind and redirect your thoughts.

According to a study by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, subjects who practiced various forms of meditation had a calmer and more improved psychological state of mind.

Benefits of Meditation

Helps to Alleviate Stress

Various scientific studies have confirmed the ability of meditation to lower the body’s cortisol levels.

When this hormone is present in large amounts, it can impair sleep, lead to depression, and even cause blood pressure to rise.

The calming effect of meditation helps loosen tension, encourage blood vessels to relax, and positively alter your sense of time.

Meditation practices can also help with inflammation caused by stress. A study revealed that subjects who practiced mindfulness meditation saw various inflammation conditions improve over time.

Enhances Emotional Health

Another goal of meditation practices is to help you achieve a more balanced emotional state.

These spiritual practices can help you combat symptoms of depression and decrease harmful substance levels in the body, like cytokines.

Because of the effect of these chemicals on your mood, your sense of time and well-being can be negatively impacted. Through meditation programs, you can restore your emotional health without putting yourself at risk.

Helps Decrease Blood Pressure

Because of meditation’s effect on blood vessels, you can leverage these contemporary traditions to improve your blood pressure levels.

It doesn’t end there.

You can also use these techniques to improve your response to stressful situations and encourage intentional brain function by relaxing your nerve signals.

A Complete Guide for Choosing the Best Direction for Meditation Practices

Creates Positive Emotions Towards Others

Meditation programs are all about generating positive energy.

Certain forms of meditation, like loving-kindness meditation visualization, can improve your ability to generate kindness and empathy.

Through a lifetime of meditation practice, you can tap into the collective energy and learn the secrets of compassion.

Reduces the Impact of Age-Related Memory Loss

It has also been suggested that focused meditation and other forms of meditative experiences can be used to reduce the effect of age-related memory loss.

Subjects who practiced this Buddhist tradition of meditating for a minimum of 12 minutes recorded improved neuropsychological test results.

Other forms of daily meditation practices, like concentration meditation, can also help patients with dementia. The positive energy produced by these exercises can also benefit the patient’s families, as it helps them lower stress levels and cope with situations more easily.

Now that you know what a meditative practice can do for you, it’s easier to see why you need to find the best direction for meditation.

Best Direction for Meditation

If you’re just picking up a meditative practice, you’re likely learning from a source.

This could be a Buddhist monk, meditation teachers, or even certain high-profile meditation podcasts.

No matter what channel you’re using, you’ll likely notice the obvious results from meditation practice. Everything about this contemplative science has a purpose.

This includes the position directioning for your meditation journey.

Starting Your Meditation Journey

As a beginner who just started meditation studies, you don’t need to pay too much attention to your positioning. Naturally, certain aspects of meditation may be beyond your reach at this time, even if you have the best meditation podcasts.

However, as you progress in this contemplative science and its spiritual traditions, the direction you face will begin to influence your meditation experiences more.

Certain meditation research suggests that this is because, over time, you become more sensitive to minute spiritual phenomena.

During meditative practice, you should try to face east. According to the history of meditation practice, you achieve more transcendent experiences when positioned in this direction.

Facing the east for your spiritual meditation helps relax your muscles and achieve autopilot brain functionality. It also better positions your inner flow of positive energy.

Why You Achieve a Deeper Experience While Facing East

Many would argue that only subjective experiences come from meditation practice. However, people who have experienced these bodily phenomenons would beg to differ.

Some reasons you may achieve a deeper experience with a daily meditation practice facing east include:

  • It helps you easily tap into the subtle currents flowing from the east to the west, according to Kundalini-Shakti spiritual traditions.
  • The Buddha attained the height of enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree while facing eastwards, according to the Buddhist tradition.
  • Facing east during meditative practice facilitates a closer connection to the universe. This results from the way in which the earth’s magnetic poles are aligned, according to Yogananda.

Final Word

It is easier to tap into your positive energy when you use the best direction for meditation. Through this, aspects of meditation may become clearer to you.

To get the best out of these spiritual traditions, good guidance is vital.

You can find leading meditation teachers here.