Singing Bowls for Beginners: A Quick Guide

Singing Bowls for Beginners

Singing bowls are used in many forms of meditation meant to clear the mind. The soothing sound is created by rubbing the edges of two metal rings together. They are also used for Yoga practices, healing, and general relaxation purposes. If you’ve never experienced one before, it’s important to know what they’re all about before … Read more

Top 9 Singing Bowl Benefits

Top 9 Singing Bowl Benefits

The singing bowl is a very special instrument that’s used in many cultures all over the world, including India, Tibet, and Thailand. The sound of the singing bowl has been known to have relaxing, therapeutic qualities for centuries. There are many wonderful things that can be done with these bowls. They can be played solo, … Read more

Guide to Just for Today Meditation

Guide to Just for Today Meditation

People who have struggled with change and stress can easily lose sight of recovery. It is quite important to renew ourselves spiritually, intellectually, and physically often. This endeavor can be helped with Just for Today Meditation. In this article, we will go more in-depth when it comes to this type of meditation, so make sure … Read more

What Is the Best Candle for Meditation?

What Is the Best Candle for Meditation

Meditation practices over hundreds of years have made candles an integral part of the practice. Some practitioners use candles as the main point when it comes to their meditation. By using candles, you can enhance the meditation through aromatherapy, and candles are also great for creating your own special space and atmosphere for meditation. Candles … Read more

Candle Light Meditation: What You Need to Know

Candle Light Meditation

Most types of meditation are done by closing your eyes and bringing attention to yourself. However, while for some people it’s easy to focus their attention inwards, some people have difficulties letting go of their thoughts. For them, it’s much easier when they can concentrate on a physical object. Candle meditation, also known as trāṭaka … Read more

How to Use Meditation Statues

Meditation Statues

5. Calling the Earth Buddha with Zen Garden Measurements: 16.5 inches x 8.4 inches x 22.7 inches Weight: 1.8 pounds This stunning artwork will be the center of attention in any space. Our favorite feature is its adaptability. This sculpture promotes an understanding of mother nature with its appeal to the Earth Buddha. To ensure a perfect … Read more

The Benefits of Meditation

Meditation health benefits

Lately, it is becoming difficult to scroll through our social media feeds or the news without seeing a thing about meditation and how it can transform your life. Everyone else seems interested in this meditative practice these days, but is there any actual evidence to substantiate the enormous benefits of this practice? Is it, in reality, helpful … Read more

How to Choose a Meditation Mat

Meditation Mat

7. Best Meditation Mat for Hard Surface The Goplus Large Yoga Mat it’s perfect for carpeting or a hard surface. This is a top-notch workout mat that also serves as a meditation cushion. It’s made of non-slip materials that promote great balance and are completely non-absorbent. It’s easy to store and roll up, and it’s light enough … Read more