15 Excellent Essential Oils for Enhancing Meditation

Essential oil aromatherapy is an excellent way to improve your meditation practice. These oil vapors will soothe your body and mind, making it easier to achieve a calm, serene, meditative frame of mind.

Some oils can help you clear your aura, awaken your chakras and address specific ailments. Certain oil combinations can also help you achieve a more soothing, therapeutic, or inquisitive meditation state.

1. Palo Santo Essential Oil

To establish yourself or deepen your connectedness to Mother Earth, use Holy Wood or Palo Santo essential oil. It’s an excellent product you can use when you need to rapidly establish a serene, quiet frame of mind. The Palo Santo oil is especially great for spiritual mindfulness.

Combine a droplet of Palo Santo EO into one tsp. of carrier oil and then massage your feet with this mixture just before you start your meditative practice. It’ll help you to feel grounded and awaken your root chakra. For grounding use of essential oils, you may include two drops of Palo Santo essential oil into your diffuser.

2. Bergamot Essential Oil


You can use employ bergamot to preserve your root chakra and keep it in a good functional state. It’s a great oil for balancing things out. Aromatherapy may be achieved by adding 1–2 drops of this essential oil to your diffuser. Combine one drop with two tsp. of the carrier oil and smear it on the soles of your feet or the base of your spine if you wish to use it topically.

3. Sandalwood Essential Oil


While focusing on issues of the heart, spiritual healing, or emotional healing, use sandalwood EO aromatherapy. It’s great for keeping the third eye and sacral chakras in good shape. Also, it’ll assist you in healing, improving your attitude, dispelling uncertainty, and allowing you to experience real happiness once again.

If you’d like to use it topically, combine one drop of sandalwood essential oil with one tsp. of carrier oil. Breathe in the vapors from your palms after putting a few droplets on them and rubbing them together. Knead some of the essential oils on your forehead and into your abdomen slightly below your navel. Carry out this exercise when you take a seat in preparation for your meditation practice.

*Make sure essential oils don’t go in your nose or eyes. They irritate mucosal membranes that are already sensitive. *

4. Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

ylang ylang

If you experience sadness, dissatisfaction, uneasiness, or worry, use ylang ylang EO for mindfulness. It’ll ease your anxiety and enhance your mood by making it simpler for you to achieve a state of meditation.

Ylang ylang may also be used to soothe an overloaded sacral chakra. For meditation aromatherapy, add two drops of the essential oil to your vaporizer. You may also mix one drop of ylang ylang with two tablespoons of the carrier oil and apply the mixture topically if you like.

Apply a few droplets of the mixture in your palms, rub them against your palms to make the EO warm, then rub it on your sacral chakra and breathe in the vapors. A mixture of spruce essential oil and ylang ylang or cedarwood essential oil is also fantastic for your meditative practice.

5. Helichrysum Essential Oil


Appreciate Helichrysum EO meditation when dealing with past emotional hurt and also to facilitate physical healing too. It has extremely strong healing powers. Helichrysum oil is also beneficial for the coeliac plexus chakra.

Your intuition is controlled by your coeliac plexus chakra, which is positioned directly above your navel. Helichrysum is recognized for its ability to soothe an overworked coeliac plexus chakra. When you settle down to unwind into the meditative state, apply a few droplets in your vaporizer or apply one percent to two percent carrier oil/helichrysum combination to your abdomen.

6. Vetiver Essential Oil


If you’re having trouble maintaining a calm, contemplative frame of mind, consider vetiver essential oil. It’s great for improving concentration when meditating. Vetiver oil can also help with libido stimulation.

This is a grounding oil that also helps to calm the solar plexus chakra, which is hyperactive. Even though it’s a heavy oil that disperses better when combined with a lighter oil, it can also be dispersed. In your vaporizer, combine two drops of helichrysum essential oil with two drops of vetiver essential oil.

When you practice meditation, you may also place one percent to two percent vetiver/carrier oil combination directly to the coeliac plexus, or add one to two droplets of helichrysum and administer the mixture to your entire belly.

7. Palmarosa Essential Oil


Palmarosa essential oil might help you achieve a profound meditative state. It is extremely soothing, relaxes the mind, and promotes intense concentration. When you are feeling a little detached, limited, or out of sorts, and you’ve become clinging and possessive, this is an excellent oil to use in meditation.

Palmarosa oil also stimulates the heart chakra. This is a fantastic oil to use while trying to concentrate on heart matters. You can also use it topically or in a diffused state.

Combine one to two drops of palmarosa EO into one tsp of carrier oil, place a few drops in your palms, gently rub them on both palms together apply them to your chest just above your sternum. Cup your palms around your nose and breathe in the vapors from your palms, as well.

8. Lavender Essential Oil


Relax and meditate with lavender EO aromatherapy. It’s ideal for you if you’re feeling too overwhelmed and will have to meditate for ten to fifteen minutes to unwind and let the tension go. Fill your vaporizer with five drops of essential oil and one-quarter cup distilled water, and leave it running while you concentration on your meditation practice.

Lavender can also be used topically. It has a soothing effect on all of the chakras. Next, mix one to two drops of lavender essential oil in one tsp. of carrier oil. Apply the resulting mixture to the heart chakra. 

9. Chamomile Essential Oil


Try chamomile EO meditation when you want to find inner peace and mitigate mood swings. It’s perfect for times when you’re feeling stressed, overcomplicating things, or fretting too much.

Chamomile EO is also beneficial to the throat chakra and can help with communication. Add some drops to your vaporizer or rub one percent to two percent carrier oil/chamomile combination into your throat.

10. Coriander Essential Oil


When you’re dealing with a major shift in your life or attempting to make lifestyle adjustments, try meditating with coriander essential oil. It aids in the removal of harsh remarks or judgments from others as well as oneself. It’ll assist you in becoming more compassionate and tolerant of others, as well as less bothered with or affected by critical comments.

Coriander oil boosts your self-esteem and makes it simpler to push yourself outside of your comfort bubble. It’s also a wonderful oil to use for your throat chakra. While practicing meditation, put some drops of the essential oil into your diffuser or rub a one to two percent carrier oil/coriander combination to your throat.

11. Frankincense Essential Oil


Frankincense EO is fantastic for transcendental meditation and spiritual mindfulness. It has been utilized in holy rites and religious rituals for millennia. Frankincense has purifying qualities that help to remove stagnant, bad energy from the air.

To start meditating in a pure environment, put some drops of the essential oil into your vaporizer and diffuse it for five to ten minutes in a comfortable space in your home before you start. To cleanse and harmonize the Third Eye chakra, keep a decent crown chakra, and improve your aura, apply drops amounting to two to four percent frankincense carrier oil/essential oil combination to your forehead.

Most EO can be used at a one to three percent dilution rate (one to three drops of EO/tsp. of carrier oil) for everyday usage. Higher dilution rates will only need to be used between ten days to two weeks at a time.

12. Rosemary Essential Oil


When meditating on a particular subject or seeking advice, your best bet is the rosemary essential oil. It is an invigorating oil that’ll make you become more alert. When used with lavender, it balances out the lavender’s propensity to be overly calming.

For a soothing, soul-searching meditation practice, combine a few droplets of rosemary plus the lavender oil inside your vaporizer. The Third Eye chakra is likewise opened and energized by rosemary oil. To effectively stimulate the Third Eye, apply a one to two percent rosemary carrier oil/essential oil combination onto your forehead.

13. Rose Essential Oil


If you are keen on focusing on emotional issues, your romantic life, and relationships, then cast your gaze on the rose EO aromatherapy. It’s also helpful if you’re seeking to improve your creativity and inventiveness. Rose oil meditation is also beneficial for healing emotional scars.

It improves your ability to love unconditionally, even unconditionally for oneself. It has a soothing effect that can be beneficial when contemplating past emotional scars and trauma. Before you meditate, put some drops of this essential oil into your vaporizer and rub the heart chakra with a one percent carrier oil/rose essential oil mix.

14. Clary Sage Essential Oil

clary sage

Clary sage EO is a cleansing oil that helps to remove bad energy from our minds and surroundings. Clary sage oil meditation is beneficial for regaining emotional stability and a balanced viewpoint. It’s invigorating but also peaceful and comforting for anxious people.

Clary sage is very beneficial to the sacral chakra. Before you begin your meditation practice, put a small amount to your vaporizer and turn it on, or rub a two to four percent carrier oil/clary sage EO combination into your lower belly.

15. Carrot Seed Essential Oil


if you plan to delve further into spiritual issues, use carrot seed EO meditation. It helps to activate the Third Eye chakra while also helping to keep you grounded. Carrot seed oil relaxes the mind while also boosting attentiveness.

The carrot seed EO is one of my best-loved essential oils for the meditative. Put one to two drops of the essential oil into your vaporizer or use topically for aromatherapy. Combine one drop of the carrot seed oil with one to two tsp. of carrier oil, add one or two drops on your palms, rub your palms together, place a dab of the essential oil onto your forehead. Next, breathe in the vapors off your hands.


Were this resources list useful to you? I sincerely love to meditate using essential oils. These products make it a lot easier to achieve and sustain a meditative psychological state.

For meditative purposes, I prefer using a mix of carrot seed essential oil, clary sage essential oil, and patchouli essential oil. I also love to use copaiba balsam essential oil every now and again. It has a woodsy, fresh, smell and is both relaxing and stress-relieving.

Please feel free to comment in the comment box so I’d know if this list was helpful and interesting. Also, I welcome you to share your own essential oil meditation stories with us.  I’d be interested in hearing some of your best essential oil combinations. Also, make sure to share this article so that others will know the benefits of using some of the finest essential oils for their meditative practice.