Meditation Statues

How to Use Meditation Statues

Meditating regularly is beneficial to your well-being and health. It’s high time you concentrate on your true happiness and let all the unrest of the rest of the world drift away. In today’s life with an extremely hectic lifestyle, it is a lot more essential than ever to take breaks and consolidate yourself in meditation so you’d find the peace and contentment that you’ve always desired.  

Statue Best for… Rating
Meditating Buddha Statue Statue alone 4.6/5
Meditating Buddha Zen Garden Very small Zen Garden with a statue 3.4/5
Lotus Candle Holder Use with scented candles 4.8/5
Alpine Corporation Meditating Statuary Décor Buddha Statue  Hanging on a wall 4.7/5
Calling the Earth Buddha with Zen Garden Largest, best value 4.7/5

  You can sit almost anywhere and meditate, but if you can create a location free of chaos where you can concentrate solely on becoming zen, you can attain a far deeper level of meditation. A quiet room is great for establishing an area in your home where you can simply meditate and rediscover your inner calm. This is a space that you may relax in your preferred meditation chair while surrounded by soothing meditation decorations.

Appreciating Buddhist Decoration

Buddhist décor, when applied correctly, maybe a highly effective method to bring inner calm into your house. Each piece represents a distinct emotion or posture. These products can support you in achieving the desired mindset and emotions. It’s crucial to understand the significance of your Buddha statue before purchasing one for your house. Each statue is designed to teach a certain message. The most frequent statue utilized for meditation practices is a meditating Buddha sculpture.

What Are The Objectives Of Meditation Statues?

The majority of the items we maintain in our home are for sheer aesthetic reasons. Meditation sculptures, on the flip side, are designed to encourage people to strive for greater serenity. Its purpose is to help you unwind and find peace inside yourself. These sculptures have their unique significance but are designed to inspire and welcome mindfulness and inner calm, bringing pleasant energies with them. Some have extras like a Zen Garden or a candleholder. These additions provide a new dimension to their function.   

Statue Best for… Rating
Meditating Buddha Statue Statue alone  
Meditating Buddha Zen Garden Very small Zen garden with a statue  
Lotus Candle Holder Use with scented candles  
Alpine Corporation Meditating Statuary Décor Buddha Statue  Hanging on a wall  
Calling the Earth Buddha with Zen Garden Largest, best value  

1. Meditating Buddha Statue

Measurements: 8.5 inches x 7 inches x 11.5 inches

Weight: 3.6 pounds

This little statue of a praying Buddha is likely to bring peace and tranquility into your home. This lightweight sculpture, which inspires concentrated attention, has a huge message to pass. Often referred to as the tranquility of soothing Buddha, this statue can inspire a liberated mental state, allowing you to concentrate on your true happiness. It would be an excellent focal point for your mindfulness space at home.


2. Meditating Buddha Zen Garden

Measurements: 8.2 inches x 8.2 inches x 3 inches

Weight: 2.5 pounds

This wonderful artwork is a praying Buddha statue that will bring inner calm to your tranquility home. As an additional perk, this statue comes preloaded with an anxiety-relieving Zen Garden. While practicing meditation, sweep your concerns away by focusing deeply on this statue. With the lighting it provides, you can create a relaxing atmosphere for early morning or nighttime meditation. Experience the energy shift as you place this Buddha statue in your house.

3. Lotus Candle Holder

Measurements: 4.2 inches x 4.2 inches x 2 inches

Weight: 7 ounces

The lovely lotus blossom flourishes from the muddiest and darkest of waters. This beautiful candle holder, which opens up to reveal an amazingly stunning or flower, will encourage good thoughts and remind you that there’s always a beacon of light in the darkness. The candle’s ambiance will undoubtedly enhance your meditation experience, allowing it to go into you a deeper state of calm. Let the flutter of light whisk you into your calm state by lighting the candle in a dimly lit room.


4. Buddha Wall Statue

Measurements: 17 inches x 5 inches x 27 inches

Weight: 7 pounds

The Alpine Corporation meditative Buddha statue will bring a feeling of Zen to any outdoor or indoor space. This beautiful and calm Buddha statue is made of sturdy polyresin that has been weathered and aged to seem like real stone. The figure is weather-resistant, rust-proof, and long-lasting, ensuring years of enjoyment. Soothing Buddha looks excellent in your garden or yard, or on your porch or deck, as well as in your office décor, thanks to its vintage look, detailed features, and depiction. The meditative design gives your outdoor environment a Zen and soothing feel. The bronze surface and broken accents provide a great aspect to your décor. The weather-proof and corrosion-resistant polyresin and stone dust structure will keep your sculpture looking good for a long period.

5. Calling the Earth Buddha with Zen Garden

Measurements: 16.5 inches x 8.4 inches x 22.7 inches

Weight: 1.8 pounds

This stunning artwork will be the center of attention in any space. Our favorite feature is its adaptability. This sculpture promotes an understanding of mother nature with its appeal to the Earth Buddha. To ensure a perfect ambiance for your quiet room, use this statue to light the other candles or burn incense. Do you have a difficult situation that you are trying to tackle? This wonderful sculpture also includes a Zen Garden, which will help you relax and think about things more deeply.


Meditation statues serve a variety of purposes. These sculptures can help you achieve a deeper sense of serenity by serving as an inspiration for meditation and as a soothing Zen Garden. Introduce one to your home to make a statement in your quiet space. You will achieve a state of peace that you’ve never experienced before with the aid of the meditation statues on our list. We adore the meditation statues in our list, but one stands out above the others. The runner-up is the Calling the Earth Buddha with Incense Burner and Zen Garden. It includes a Buddha statue, an incense holder, a Zen Garden with a rake, and a well-crafted platter on which to place everything. This meditation kit has a strong blend of features. The scent incorporates a whole new dimension to this statue. Its modest size allows it to blend into any area while yet delivering the statue’s desired value. These meditation statues are just one example of the plethora of meditation décor and available accessories; for a complete list, see this monstrous list. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.