How to Use Meditation Bowls and Gongs?

For eons Buddhist monks have already been playing singing bowls, rendering them one of the most antiquated meditation toolkits. The purpose of singing bowl meditation is to guide you into a deeper state of meditation through the use of sounds. Your brain waves begin to synchronize with the bowl’s sound frequencies, and meditating on these sound pulses helps you bring your mind and thoughts into focus.

Bowl/Gong Best For…
Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl Set at Amazon Overall quality
Himalayan Singing Bowl Value
CVNC Rainbow Crystal Singing Bowl at Amazon Decorative gong
sitsang G Note Throat Chakra Singing Bowl at Amazon A specific tone of crystal

Singing Bowl Meditation Benefits

Singing bowls create sounds that may be used for more than just meditation. They also induce deep bodily relaxation, which aids in stress reduction and healing. Some individuals believe that the rhythmic overtones generated have a direct effect on the chakras, contributing to their balance.

The theory behind the use of singing bowls for healing purposes is that sickness is caused by obstructions in the body’s energy flow. Sound frequencies can aid in the re-establishment of this flow of energy. Healing from depression, pain, and a variety of diseases is thought to be a result of sound vibrations. Sounds resonate through every cell of the human body and are not simply heard via the ears.

What to Look for in a Singing Bowl

The most essential feature of a singing bowl is its sound, which is unique to each bowl. Meditation bowls’ resonance is also essential, and this might only become evident after you’ve listened for some time. Yes, structural integrity is essential; a bowl should be devoid of fractures and other structural flaws.

If you’re looking for a singing bowl to awaken your chakras, go for one with low tones. The third-eye chakra is opened by high sounds. The heart chakra is opened by mid-tones. As a result, some folks buy multiple bowls to correspond to each chakra.

The greatest singing bowls have good resonance, harmonic tones, and play with fluidity and ease.

Types of Meditation Bowls for Sale

Tibetan singing bowls are made of standard bronze or other metals such as silver or gold that are beaten and hammered into form. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they’ve been manufactured in the Himalayas for centuries. They’re given names based on the design’s complexity and shape’s subtleties.

Antique bowls are, of course, quite costly, with a little bowl often costing over one hundred dollars. Sellers should be able to offer proof of antiquity in the form of certifications.

Even today, some manufacturers still produce Tibetan bowls, and for people who can’t buy antique bowls, these bowls are offered at more moderate rates. Some of these bowls are quite attractive and can generate gorgeous tones.

A crystal singing bowl is another alternative available nowadays. These have grown increasingly popular in recent years, and they employ crystals created by a huge motion and heat process to generate long-lasting bowls with a strong, spacious sound.

Some people believe that adopting glass singing bowls for their meditation sessions is worse than using Tibetan singing bowls. Others believe in the healing properties of quartz crystal and its potential to influence our bodies positively.

Best Crystal Singing Bowls

Silica sand is poured into a rotating mold to create crystal singing bowls. The silica sand grains are unified at the mold’s center, which is very hot.

Crystal bowls are generally set on a rubber bottom, and moving a stick around the bowl’s circumference produces harmonic tones that get stronger as you go around.

When played, clear quartz crystal has the complete spectrum of light that corresponds to the seven chakras. Sound is directed to imbalanced, unhealthy regions of the body, rectifying harmonic patterns. It works similarly to a drill bit in that it helps to align the chakras. Different bowls create different noises depending on their height, thickness, and weight.

There’re a variety of crystal singing bowls available for purchase, and while they can be pricey, they are quite sturdy and create resonant, clear tones.

The CVNC Rainbow-Colored Crystal Singing Bowl is a colorful singing bowl crafted from a quartz crystal that would make a fantastic complement to your meditation regimen if you consider gorgeous colors calming.

The frosted surface contrasts with the colorful inside, providing a rainbow appearance that provides eyes, ear, and mind treatment. When played, the 8-inch bowl generates a deep, resonant tone and is suited to be used on the floor.

Because it produces a bright and clear sound, the Energy Sound crystal singing bowl is a renowned singing bowl product. This bowl is intended to encourage physical healing via sound therapy while also stimulating the immune system by focusing on the root chakra.

Instead of carrying the bowl in your palm, set it on the ground with the included rubber ring for the finest tone and sound quality.

The A note produced by this Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl corresponds to the Third Eye Chakra. A high-quality pure quartz crystal bowl, and a rubber mallet, and a rubber frame for the bowl are included in the package. Material about how to use the bowl is included with the order.

How to Buy Tibetan Singing Bowls?

Meditation masters have historically used a singing dish as a gong to signal the start and conclusion of their meditation exercises. Singing is now widely utilized as a tool for meditation. The more you use a singing bowl, the more you like it. The noises are extremely powerful, and there are several advantages to utilizing one.

Tibetan Singing bowls are essentially a piece of a bell. They’re played by hitting the bowl’s sides with a mallet or stroking the rims with the bowl with a mallet. Two distinct noises are produced by the two approaches. They’re commonly referred to as Tibetan bowls, but they’re Himalayan bowls because they’re made all through the Himalayas.

These bowls are now manufactured by hand-hammered, machines or a mix of the two. Nepal is producing some of the greatest contemporary bowls today. The majority of contemporary bowls are composed of a bronze alloy. Tin and copper make up this “bell metal.”   

A Crown Chakra is the highest chakra in the body. The crown chakra is opened by using an ancient Tibetan singing bowl. Singing Bowl House in Nepal hand-crafted this one in the conventional method. It’s composed of seven different metals that are each picked for a specific reason. It has a diameter of six inches and a height of three inches. It consists of a wooden mallet and a green silk cushion. 

Talking about purchasing Himalayan singing bowls, this Tibetan Singing Bowl set was handcrafted by Nepalese craftsmen in the Himalayan foothills.

It has a hardwood striker and a hand-crafted cushion and is hand-sewn. The bowl is around four inches in diameter and is guaranteed for life. This bowl may be used to improve your meditation and cleanse your root chakra.

Silent Mind’s Antique Design Tibetan Singing Bowl Set is a renowned bowl produced by a family-owned business. Before delivery, they hand-pick and examine each item for flaws and audio quality, and they provide a thirty-day money-back guarantee. This dish is covered in Tibetan patterns and handcrafted to a high quality. It’s the right size and weight to hold in your hand while playing, and it even includes a cushion and a mallet.

Bowl/Gong Best For… Rating MY LATEST VIDEOS Volume 0%  
Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl Set at Amazon Overall quality  
Himalayan Singing Bowl Value  
CVNC Rainbow Crystal Singing Bowl at Amazon Decorative gong  
sitsang G Note Throat Chakra Singing Bowl at Amazon A specific tone of crystal  

1. Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl Set at Amazon

Measurements: 3.94 x 3.94 x 1.97 inches

Weight: 15.5 ounces

This stunning-looking bowl will help you relax. It’s constructed from seven different metals, such as silver, gold, and copper. The hand-etched designs offer a distinct depth to this bowl that shouldn’t be ignored. This is a tiny bowl that’s simple to carry about with you.

Include it in your meditation routine and utilize it while meditating. The gong, bowl, silk bag, and pillow are all included. It also includes a booklet with instructions on how to use it. To produce a relaxing sound, gently beat the gong on the bowl. You will be able to attain a greater meditative state as a result of the vibrations. This is one of the most attractive Tibetan singing bowls available for purchase.

2. Himalayan Singing Bowl

Measurements: 9” x 9” x 4”

Weight: 3.5 lbs

This Himalayan singing bowl is exquisitely crafted. It was handcrafted in Nepal and is authentic. The inside part of the bowl still has hammer marks, providing it with a very genuine aspect. It features a wooden mallet, silk cushion, and gong stick.

The bowl is produced from brass and generates a unique vibration and sound. Use a bowl similar to the one used by the Nepalese to reach their meditative state. This bowl is an excellent addition to your meditation kit.

3. CVNC 8 Inch Rainbow Colored Bowl

Measurements: 9.8 x 9.8 x 8.6 inches

Weight: 3.5 Pounds

The items included in this package are one rubber O-ring, one mallet, and one top-notch crystal singing bowl. It has a wide application in meditative practice. Some of these applications include emotional state adjustment, body chakra balancing, stress reduction, yoga, Buddhism, prayer, meditation, and sound healing.

Craftsmen manually pound this crystal singing bowl to obtain reliable tuning and a more harmonic tone. It has a fantastic sound, and each bowl is a one-of-a-kind musical instrument.

4. SITSANG G Note Throat Chakra Singing Bowl at Amazon

Measurements: 8 x 8 x 7 inches

Weight: 7.5 Pounds

The 432Hz frequency note that vibrates with the heart chakra may be tuned into the SITSANG crystal singing bowl. Singing bowl sound has been employed as a potent healer by Tibet’s ancient cultures for millennia. Crystal singing bowls’ sacred vibrational sound can correct any disequilibrium impacting our emotional or physical well-being. The most relaxing and therapeutic sounds may be produced using sound bowls.

The SITSANG crystal singing bowls are ideal for achieving a Zen state and practicing mindfulness. You can use it to attain a state of awareness by balancing or opening your chakras. Whether you’re into yoga, sound healing, singing bowl treatment, chakra meditation, or just need some energy sound to relax, they’ve got you covered. SITSANG singing bowls have tremendous energy that can help you extend your meditation practice and balance your chakras through healing chakra meditation.

SITSANG crystal singing bowls are handcrafted from the finest quartz crystals in the market. They’re burned at extremely high temperatures till they fuse, resulting in quartz glass. Spots, lines, and bubbles are some of the forms that might appear during the burning process. These characteristics are entirely natural and have no bearing on the bowl’s performance or sound.


Bowls and gongs are an essential part of any meditation practice. They shouldn’t be neglected when creating a peaceful environment in your home. They’ll not overcrowd your meditation table and may be employed as a decorative element around your home due to their tiny size.

Their compact size makes them ideal for bringing to the workplace or yoga sessions without being too obvious. These tools’ benefits are essential in attaining a meditative state.

We adore gong treatment and are continually extolling the virtues of these potent tools. Although all of them are good choices, the Silent Mind Tibetan Singing Bowl Set at Amazon is our top pick. The exquisite pattern and great craftsmanship render this bowl an amazing sight and a wonderful complement to any space.

We also like how portable it is, because you can use it in your home, office, or even the park. Everything you need to get started with it is included in the bundle, including a bag to keep it in. These meditation bowls are just one of many meditation accouterments available; see the full list here. If you’ve used any of these products, please leave a remark below. We hope to hear from you.