Guide to Just for Today Meditation

People who have struggled with change and stress can easily lose sight of recovery. It is quite important to renew ourselves spiritually, intellectually, and physically often. This endeavor can be helped with Just for Today Meditation.

In this article, we will go more in-depth when it comes to this type of meditation, so make sure that you continue reading!

What Is Just for Today Meditation?

Meditation is the practice where an individual uses a method such as focusing their mind on an activity, object, or in this case, training awareness and attention and creating an emotionally calm and stable state of mind. Meditation can be extremely therapeutic when you set specific goals for your meditation sessions.

Just for Today Meditation is one of the meditations that are often used by Sex Addicts Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Alcoholics Anonymous, and other self-help addiction groups to help remind its member to stay focused on sobriety. This type of meditation can help bring back that focus and concentration.

Just for Today meditation reminds people that we have changed. Change is a thing that we can choose how we respond to, even though we cannot always control changes that happen in our everyday lives. It can be helpful to remind ourselves of these principles during times we are experiencing stress.

Some examples of Just for Today meditations are:

  • Just for Today, I will take care of my spiritual, intellectual, and physical health.
  • Just for Today, I will not force anything to adjust to my desires, but instead, I will try to adjust myself to what it is. I will accept my business, friends, and family, and all of the circumstances in my life as they come.
  • Just for Today, I will seek acceptance, truth, and serenity of myself and others, and I will take time out of my day to meditate.
  • Just for Today, I won’t be fearful. I will enjoy everything that is lovely and beautiful in life.
  • Just for Today, I will try to be nice to people I meet. I won’t be critical and I will be courteous. I will not try to control people or situation.

Tips For Meditation

Below, we will offer you tips that will help you start meditating and keep the practice of meditation going.

Guide to Just for Today Meditation

Create A Space for Meditation

You can help train your mind and body to feel more comfortable by choosing a space or room where you meditate. When you have a designated space for meditation, you can slip more easily into a meditative state.

Think of space for meditation in the same way as you would have a home office where you could focus more easily on work. This designated space will help you focus your mind on meditation instead.

Choose a space in your home that you will keep uncluttered and clean and will make meditation feel important and special. You can also use this space to relax. Keep this space fee from phones. You could also add plants and decorations to this space.

Don’t Have Expectations

Don’t have expectations when you’re going into meditation. All of the problems in your life won’t be instantly solved just by practicing meditation. It takes time to get the benefits from meditation just like with any other form of exercise.

Also, it takes a lot of effort to stay concentrated continuously, so try not to be discouraged your first time practicing meditation if it does not go smoothly.

When going into meditation, don’t think about how much of a better person you will become or how you will feel afterward. Instead, just go into it to get to know your mind and body better.

Choose A Certain Time

You will more likely stick to meditation every day if you establish it as a habit and set a time during the day when you practice meditation. For instance, you can pair meditating with a habit that you already have in place in your daily life, such as having a cup of tea in the morning or showering before going to bed.

Make Sure You Breathe

One of the major focuses of meditation is to bring awareness to your breath. Try to keep your breathing even and easy. You can also use your breathing to refocus your mind if you get distracted.

Try Not to Move Excessively

During your meditation, it is quite common that you want to change position or that you feel restless. Feel free to adjust your position if you’re experiencing pain or if something is distracting it.

However, try not to move too much while you’re meditating. Shifting your body too often can take your mind away from the meditation onto something else. If you find sitting still to be too difficult, try meditating while walking or laying down.

Close Your Eyes

During a meditation session, closing your eyes can help you with your focus. All of the other senses will heighten when you shut off the flow of visual information, meaning that you will be more in tune with the sensations that are happening around you and inside you.

Do A Scan Of The Body

A popular meditation method is the body scan. With a body scan, you move your focus from one part of the body to the next, and it’s usually done in the direction of the toe to head, or oppositely.

Make sure that you take note of the physical sensations you feel in your body as you’re doing to body scan. You can release tension or pain in your body caused by an intense emotional state or stress with the help of this method.

Final Thoughts

Just for Today meditation is a type of meditation that focuses on recovery from addiction. These guided meditations create endless possibilities to clear your mind and to put yourself on a path to peace of spirit, body, and mind.

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