How to Meditate with Crystals

There is no denying that the practice of meditation comes with a lot of benefits that’ll offer you eternal positive results. Every moment you spend meditating is entirely and completely yours. Irrespective of your religious inclinations or religion, or even financial status, the practice of meditation will provide you with great benefits when engaged the right way.

Meditation crystals (also called meditation stones) are very potent tools that you can use to make your practice more profound and effective, especially if you are targeting a particular outcome. Any stone or crystal may be used, but they can be quite subjective. This means that when you go all out to choose one, you need to take your time and pick what is right for your practice.

CrystalsBest For… Rating
Nicestone 7 Chakra Stones Healing CrystalsValue4.7/5
The Mindful Collective Premium Chakra CrystalsVariety of effects4.8/5
Selenite Sticks and WandsCleansing4.8/5
Rockcloud Healing CrystalCompact size4.8/5
Amlong Crystal Quartz BallBeauty4.8/5

A Little Bit About Chakras

It makes sense to know a thing about your chakras before opting for a meditation crystal. The human body is made up of seven distinct chakras (Upper three – crown, brow, throat. Lower three – solar plexus, navel, root. Fourth – Heart). All of these chakras need to be in perfect alignment, opened, and triggered if you must be in your best physical, emotional, and mental state.

The use of crystal for meditation comes with some changes in your chakras. For the most part, it alters its energy levels, so that your meditative practice becomes much more effective and efficient. Every crystal that you encounter comes with its unique effects on your chakras. If, for instance, you are trying to heal some emotional wounds via meditation, you can choose crystalline rose quartz related to the heart chakra.

Meditating With Stones/Crystals For Beginners

If you are just starting with meditation, then quartz is your best bet. Lucid quartz functions like an amp; making your meditation more effective. Consistent contact with quartz while meditating will surge the level of your vibrational energy to a higher frequency. It does one thing more; it opens up the portals of consciousness that you never knew you possessed.

Quartz crystals are one of the best crystals you can use for your meditation sessions because you can program them with your meditative goal.

Meditating with palm stones is one other way to start your practice if you are not yet acquainted with meditating with stones. The fact that these stones perfectly fit into the palms of your hands justifies why it is also known as “palm stones.” Palm stones are polished, smooth gemstones. QGEM is a popular provider that produces various types of carved oval stones.

How To Meditate With Crystals

You can hold crystal stones in your hands during meditation or you can play it on a comfortable part where it touches your skin. Ensure that the crystal you are holding in your hands sits comfortably in it if you are holding it while meditating. If it comes with a point, hold it in such a way that it faces inwards so that the energy will flow through you during meditation.

Keep your mind in a rested state and imagine that you are submerging yourself in the energy of the crystal. Reposition your mind in such a way that you enter a state of perfect harmony with the vibration of the crystals. Disclose to the crystal your aims and objectives for meditation. Mapping out your goals for meditating even before you start will help you magnify and augment your results.

When you inspire and expire, ensure that you release the tensions that are accumulating in your system and keep being conscious of, and also note the changes that your body is experiencing. Contingent on your aim for meditating, you may discover that your body is responding to meditation in unique ways. Visualize the energy as flowing into the very spot of your pain if you are keen on healing via meditation.

Visualize that the energy is flowing into your right chakra if you are looking to open up your energy centers. If you seek to broaden the horizon of your understanding, envision the energy flowing right into your mind. You will instinctively know it is time to stop when the time comes. Reduce the speed of the energy flow and set the crystal down.

Meditating With Chakra Stones; How To Do It

Using chakra stones for your meditation practice entails placing the right chakra stone on each chakra. Lie down on a flat surface, floor, or bed and face up. Position a red stone just at the spot where your legs are connected to your body. Position an orange stone onto your abdomen and then a yellow with a dimension of about two to three inches above your stomach button.

Position a green stone onto the heart in your central chest and then a blue stone in your central throat. Position a purple stone on your forehead’s center, directly above the base of your nose. Lastly, place the keen edge of a single quartz crystal towards your head’s top.

As soon as you’ve got all these crystals positioned in place, close your eyes and envision the energy of each of these crystals flowing into your chakras – from the red stone grounding your experience in reality up through to the purple energy opening your third eye and finally, see the crown of your head opening. Next, unwind and stay rested, prepared to take in whatever comes.

When you are done, take up the chakra stones on the contrary order and place them inside a bowl with warm water. Add a teaspoon of table salt to purify them. Decant the warm salt water, wash them, and dry them. When they’ve dried, place them back into the pouch.

Meditating with selenite

Meditating with selenite eliminated spiritual, emotional, and physical blockages in your life, plus it can augment the energy contents of the other chakra stones placed near or on it. It is related to the crown chakra and will help you linked up with higher chakras. Selenite is one of those few mineral resources that you can use on all chakras to bring out transformation and change.  

The Dancing Bear kit comes with tripartite selenite sticks with each of them measuring about half inches wide and six inches long. Also, it comes with instructional cards and free fluorite crystal.

Meditating With Rose Quartz

If your heart chakra is closed or blocked, you may have a hard time feeling worthy to be loved or even offering your love to another in its truest form. Integrating rose quartz into your everyday meditation sessions will assist you to get over traumatic memories and heal emotional wounds, which will ultimately make you grow and mature emotionally.

Amlong Crystal Balls are produced from reconstituted quartz crystals being an attractive rose-pink color. It features a stand where you can position your meditation table.

Meditating With Amethyst

With its characteristic purple color, amethyst has been revered in the times past for its power and beauty to soothe the mind.

One of the ways that amethyst functions are by helping you reach an elevated state, and this is especially true when you place it in the space between your eyebrows (where your third eye is located). It features a soothing effect and functions in the physical, emotional, and spiritual planes. It ushers’ peace and balance, helping people come to terms with grief and losses, promoting emotional stability and inner strength.

Also, it can help you become increasingly creative, stimulating your imagination and intuition and redefining the way you process thoughts. Amethyst is particularly recommended for those having a hard time digesting novel ideas and turning their thoughts into a concrete reality.

Three of the meditation crystal quartz that should be in your meditation arsenal are amethyst, rose quartz, and quartz. A set containing three of these meditation crystals is a great place to begin your meditation journey as a newbie.

The amethyst set offered by Extreme Rocks & Fossils Store has a dimension of about 3.15 inches tall and is flattened at the bottom. This will help them stand firm when you are not using them. 

The truth is that incorporating meditation crystals in your practice makes it more profound and interesting. You’d benefit immensely from it spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Also, you can use them for a wide variety of reasons, and this will add flavor to your meditation. Overall, meditation crystals will go a long way to help you balance your life and make a remarkable transformation.

Best Stones For Meditation

All the meditation stones in our list come with their healing properties and meaning. There’re three major meditation stones that you can employ for your practice, including palm stones, selenite, and quartz. Quartz, like we’ve noted earlier in the article, will help you focus and concentrate on your meditation.

It can also increase the potency of the stones surrounding it. Try and use it together with another stone. Selenite, on the other hand, will help you declutter your cluttered mind. When you are foggy-minded and exhausted from the day’s work, selenite will help you declutter and unwind.

Palm stones are intended to help you focus your energy during meditation. Position the stones firmly in the space between your palms and concentrate your focus on the direction of your most pressing desires.

CrystalsBest For… Rating
Nicestone 7 Chakra Stones Healing CrystalsValue4.7/5
The Mindful Collective Premium Chakra CrystalsVariety of effects4.8/5
Selenite Sticks and WandsCleansing4.8/5
Rockcloud Healing CrystalCompact size4.5/8
Amlong Crystal Quartz BallBeauty4.8/5

Meditation stones can be quite beneficial to your meditation practice. Some items even have unique properties, such as the ability to cleanse your thoughts or safeguard your state of mind.

These stones will look beautiful in your tranquility chamber and will help you to meditate in a variety of ways. Having a diverse collection of stones allows you to build a well-rounded mental armory. Let your thoughts be guided by these stones as you embark on a deep spiritual adventure. Every room would be incomplete without these meditation stones.

If you meditate often but have not done it with meditation stones, be prepared for a profound and loving experience when you do. Every one of the meditation crystals and stones on our list is wonderful, but the Amlong Crystal Quartz Ball is our top pick because it is a common pick for dedicated meditators.

We appreciate that this all-in-one set operates on diverse energies and curative abilities, making it a good fit for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Being able to accommodate one of these stones in your handbag and taking it to work lets you meditate whenever and wherever you choose.

The use of crystals and stones is only one technique to enrich your meditation practice; click this link to explore our extensive variety of accessories.​

Love meditating with crystals? Have a favorite meditating stone? Chat with us about it below.