How to Choose Mala Beads

The word mala is derived from the Sanskrit word, which means “meditation garland.” A mala is a bead string that may be used for meditation. It is customarily used to count mantras or breaths during meditation.

Mala BeadsBest For…
Meru BeadsMen
Jovivi 6mm 108 Mala BeadsWomen
Bivei 7 Chakra 108 Mala BeadsCreative people
Art of Cure NecklaceCalming Anxiety
Rudraksha Japa Mala 108 + 1 BeadsEntrepreneurs
Dark Speckled SeedsSpiritual Enlightenment
TamLyn Concepts 108 Hand Knotted Japa Mala BeadsHealing

What is a Mala?

A mala is typically made out of one hundred and eight beads. The grounds for a large number of beads used vary. Hindus adopt the number for its cosmic significance, whereas Buddhists adopt the number of the same beads but concentrate on the number of emotions that are banished.

Mala beads are composed of a variety of materials. The most frequent materials utilized are sandalwood, Rudraksha seeds, and genuine gemstones. A mala with knots between each of the beads is more durable.

The guru bead, also known as the one hundred and ninth bead, is thought to symbolize the guru-student connection. A cotton tassel drapes from the guru’s feet.

How Do I Choose Meditation Beads?

The first jewelry you are drawn to is generally the one that is best suited for you. Let your instincts guide you in making your decision. What you’d like to materialize is a good question to ask yourself to gain some clarity. Do you want to increase the amount of love you have currently? Do you wish to increase your strength? Do you wish to augment your gut instinct?

Certain colors and precious stones have connotations that are meaningful to the user and can assist them in achieving their unique goal in life or meditation.

What do the mala beads mean by stone?

Comprehending the meaning of the stones employed in a mala will guide you in selecting the appropriate one. For example, if you’re undergoing a change and need to balance your life in some way, Jasper will shield you from pessimism and nourish you. Turquoise, on the other hand, is a therapeutic stone that facilitates cleansing and provides protection if you need protection and healing.

Lemon quartz is an excellent stone for those who work in creative professions such as writing and graphic design since it encourages them to try new things, take more risks, and become more upbeat. Blue opals are stones that can assist you in expressing your thoughts confidently and without offending other people.

What do the colors on the mala beads imply?

A mala necklace’s color can play a major role in its overall significance. A fiery red stone will channel energies like sexual energy, physical energy, independence, survival, love, and passion.  

With regards to healing energy, orange beads are comparable to red beads, although their energy is more stabilizing than exciting.

Harmony, balance, wealth, and love development may all be channeled via green beads. Also, they can aid emotional stability, romance, and inner peace.

Blue beads encourage peace and foster loyalty and truth. Plus, they can help improve self-expression and communication.

Contemporary application of mala beads

Mala beads can now be used as apparel products by those who are not religious. They are just fascinated by the significance and colors of the stones. Mala beads are commonly used by meditation practitioners, regardless of their religious background.

They’re used to align chakras, give grounding, count breaths, and count mantras, among other things. Some individuals even utilize them like worry beads to solve their anxiety-related troubles.

How to Use Mala Beads for Meditation

For ages, mala beads were used to assist individuals who practice meditation in keeping their thoughts concentrated. They were invented in prehistoric times in India where they were first employed in Japa meditation. The term Japa simply translates ‘to recite.’ The mantras were chanted, and the beads were used to tally.

The chant or mantra is uttered as the meditator progresses through the beads, although it is not required. Moving the beads between the fingers has a soothing effect in and of itself.

The mala bead is placed between the forefinger and thumb, and it is moved forward with the thumb. Beads should never come into contact with the middle finger since this is considered disrespectful. From there, you’ll number the beads one by one until you reach the guru bead. The meditator shouldn’t traverse the guru bead but rather redirects its orientation.

Mala BeadsBest For…
Meru BeadsMen
Rosewood Mala Beads NecklaceWomen
Bivei 7 Chakra 108 Mala BeadsCreative people
Art of Cure NecklaceCalming Anxiety
Rudraksha Japa Mala 108 + 1 BeadsEntrepreneurs
Dark Speckled SeedsSpiritual Enlightenment
Sodalite Mala 108 BeadsHealing

Mala beads for men 

Meru Beads obsidian gemstone necklaces can be used as necklaces or tied around the wrists. This beaded necklace is carefully packed in a cotton carrying case. Obsidian inspires courage and protects against sadness and pessimism. It is a sign of self-control and perseverance.

PNEIME 108 Mala Beads Necklace

The PNEIME 108 Mala Beads Necklace is made of elastic beads that are said to open chakras in the body and psyche. Meditating with a sound mind and body leads to the pathway to universal wisdom and wellness. Your body’s energy is focused on establishing a connection with your mind and soul. It’s ideal for ladies who wish to maintain their physical and emotional well-being.

Mala beads for creatives

Although the Bivei 7 Chakra appears to be an average necklace stone, it encourages creativity. It exudes the sort of energy that fosters to flood of brilliant thoughts. Choose a Bivei 7 Chakra 108 Mala Beads with 108 Beads or a handmade Tibetan Rose Quartz Japa mala with a gorgeous silk brocade bag.

Mala beads for anxiety

When you have a lot of worries, it’s important to root yourself, and stones such as moonstones may leave you feeling more emotionally grounded and in control.

Anxiety can be relieved by using stone-like smokey quartz. A smoky quartz mala necklace from The Art of Cure will strengthen your nerves, cure your headaches, alleviate muscle tension, and provide peace and tranquility.

Mala beads for entrepreneurs

Rudraksha Japa mala beads are a great option for entrepreneurs and business owners. It raises your drive and energy, aside from inspiring you. If you are looking to get a mala bead for your meditation sessions, then opt for the Rudraksha Japa Mala 108 + 1 Beads.

Mala Beads For Spiritual Enlightenment

The seeds from the DharmaObjects Tibetan meditation bead are indeed one of the most desired seeds in the marketplace. The dark speckled seeds of this meditation bead have a special connotation for people seeking celestial wisdom, and you can derive some satisfaction from the sheer size of the bead seeds while counting.

Mala Beads With Healing Power

While it is true that meditation can confer advantages such as positivity, emotional balance, and calmness to you, it does one thing more. Sages of old know that powers harnessed during meditation can be used to heal the diseased. One of the go-to mala beads is the Top Plaza Mala Prayer Beads has calming, cleansing, and protective powers. It also helps provide relief for stressed people and people down with headaches. People with addiction problems can also use this product, plus it helps balance the lungs, skin, and digestive issues. Beads with healing powers like the Sodalite Mala 108 Beads increase spiritual awareness.

Other Recommended Mala Bead Options

Other Mala Bead OptionsPrice
Buddhist Prayer Beads$20
Self-Discovery Yoga Symbol 8mm Mala Beads$27
PNEIME 108 Mala Beads$20
HealthAndYoga(TM) Mala Beads$13
8mm UFRI Sardonyx Agate Mala Beads$12.5

Buddhist Prayer Beads

Measurements: 29 inches in diameter

Weight: 2.4 ounces

Features: Natural gemstones

This Buddha mala bead is of excellent quality. These Mala beads come in four unique stones and are quite flexible. It’s composed of high-quality jewels and lava rock. To provide the beads with a relaxing fragrance, put a dab of essential oil, such as lavender, in water and soak them. This will take these mala beads to a new level. Green Aventurine is thought to offer qualities that help you become more connected to the cosmos. It also aids in the relaxation of your Heart Chakra.

Self-Discovery Yoga Symbol 8mm Mala Beads

Measurements: 6.22 x 4.57 x 0.98 inches

Weight: 3.67 Ounces

Features: Gemstones

The overall length of these extended malas is roughly nineteen inches and they are made with 108 8mm beads. Wrap this mala bead around your wrist four to five times if you’re wearing it as a bracelet for your yoga bracelet sessions. Although, this depends on how large your wrists are. 

Autumn Jasper is a stone that fosters thankfulness for existence and serves as a reminder of pleasure. Also, the stone is used for creativity and inspiration because it is a member of the jasper tribe. Vegetarians would appreciate the linen packaging of these mala beads. It’s also deeply enlightening because of the distinctive jewelry bag and can serve as the perfect gift for those looking to give a mala to anyone important in their lives. Allow yourself to be enchanted by this lovely handmade Autumn Jasper mala bead.

PNEIME 108 Mala Beads Necklace

Measurements: 3.94 x 3.94 x 1.18 inches.

Weight: 0.8 oz.

Features: Multi-colored components consisting of feldspar, quartz, and some iron oxides.

Natural landscape stone has the shape and texture of an artwork, thus the name. The crystalline structure is fine-grained, and the major mineral constituents are iron oxides, quartz, and feldspar, culminating in patterns of various colors, such as gray, tan, yellow, and many more.

Pneime uses natural stone beads and silk tassels. Each of the beads is hand-knitted. The beads are eight millimeters in diameter. 108 beads represent the108 different types of problems and negative emotions. The beads’ size and color may vary. The mala prayer necklace is unique in that it is composed of genuine semi-precious stones.

Each of the mala beads includes a high-quality jewelry box that may be worn as a bracelet or necklace when casually tied around the wrist. There is a single size that fits all. Tibetan silk tassel and prayer beads are beautiful holy gifts for friends and loved ones.

HealthAndYogaTM Mala Beads

Measurements: 33.4 Inch in diameter

Weight: 4 ounces

You’ll be surprised with the HealthAndYogaTM Mala Beads. It’s manufactured with precision, and every time you gaze at it, you’ll get a new impression. This mala bead made our list for its distinct appearance. Because of its, you’ll sure want to use it. Its characteristic smooth feel prevents you from becoming sidetracked when meditating by holding the beads. This mala bead is one of the shorter ones in our collection, so it will suit individuals with smaller wrists.

8mm UFRI Sardonyx Agate Mala Beads

Measurements: 29 inches in diameter

Weight: 4 ounces

Compassion and love are symbolized by these lovely aquamarine beads. These potent beads are also supposed to help in the development of knowledge and psychic abilities. The water gem promotes tranquility, healing, and harmony.  This love aquamarine stone can help you reconnect with your inner calm and clear communication barriers in your life. Prepare for a deep and adventurous meditation that will renew your faith with these wonderful beads.


Using buddha beads to meditate is a great method to ensure the effectiveness of your practice. When you have a congested or distracted mind, these mala beads might assist to divert and liberate your thoughts far beyond your expectations.

Counting mala beads while channeling their inherent healing properties can assist you in concentrating and deepening your meditation.

The 8mm Aquamarine Handmade Prayer Bead is our top pick among the different options that made our list. These mala beads are both beautiful and useful for promoting knowledge, balance, and love in our lives.  Finally, mala beads are only one method for improving your meditation sessions. See our vast collection of meditation tools for even more information.