Meditation Mat

How to Choose a Meditation Mat

Meditation is an antiquated practice observed by monks that entails striking the balance between the soul, body, and mind. Finding your core self will rouse an unfathomable sense of consciousness. One good way to put perspective and incorporate serenity into your daily life is via meditation. The practice of meditation is something you can do from the comfort of your home, workplace, beach, or even your children’s playground. In our increasingly busy world, clearing your mind to concentrate deeply in meditation can be one hell of a difficult task. But, contemporary technology and ways of living are introducing tools that make things increasingly easy for meditators. A meditation mat is one of them. It is an incredibly potent tool that helps meditators practice their mindfulness routine with adept concentration. As a result, it can lead to a boosted well-being.  Whether you are meditating in your inner closet before retiring to bel or on the beach with your family, using a meditation mat is one good way of defining a place of separateness in our chaotic world.

Meditation Mat Best For…
MONK & LLAMA Meditation Mat Comfort for extended sessions
NAYOYA Neck and Back Pain Relief – Acupressure Mat Acupressure function
Popular Handicrafts Indian Mandala Round Yoga Mat Travel
Khataland YoFoMat Children
Jumbo Zabuton Meditation Mat Tall people
POWGYM Pack of 2 Tropical Woven Straw Beach Mat Price

Why Use Meditation Mats?

Incorporating meditation mats in your practice is one brilliant way of creating a secluded space for you alone, so you can observe your meditation session anywhere you are and whenever you want. We cherish the lightweight build of most meditation mats because it makes them easy to carry about.  Creating a unique space for your meditation practice will put your mind at ease and also help your practice become comfier and more interesting. Aside from protecting you from the hard and cold ground, a meditation mat will also provide you with a padded surface, plus you can easily bunch and roll it to provide you with great support for targeted areas.  Just fold up your meditation mat and utilize it as a bunch of knee cushions beneath your bottom to form a pelvic tilt. 

How Vital Is A Mat For Your Practice?

As noted earlier, meditation mats do more than just protect you from the hard, cold ground. They are light-weighted, so you can transport them to wherever you are going and meditate there, even if it is not your home. You can easily fold them and use them under your knees in sitting meditation, or you can roll them up to provide you with some support to a certain area. Several meditation mats in the marketplace can also be doubled up, meaning that can use them as your yoga mat. 

What To Look Out For In A Meditation Mat

For most people who are just starting with the meditative practice, meditation mats are some of the first go-to meditation accessories they look out for when they are on the lookout for the right accessories to buy. One of the best things about meditation mats is that they help you define a particular meditation space, so it’d be difficult for others to transgress your sacred spot.  Meditation mats come with different levels of thickness, and this adds to their increasing versatility. You can use the thicker options independently when practicing sitting meditation, while the thinner options can be used with other meditation tools, like meditation cushions.  Because its primary functions are to provide you with a relaxed place that is secluded from other chaotic places, buying a meditation mat that makes you feel relaxed will help place you in the correct mind frame to ensure a successful practice. Also, we recommend that you use a meditation mat that is sufficiently thick so that you can fold it for protection from hard surfaces and also for comfort. As a plus, most of the meditation mats that you’d be encountering in the marketplace can also serve as a yoga mats. 

Types Of Meditation Mats

There are different types of meditation mats, and they come in different colors, materials, shapes, and sizes. The one you choose should have a lot to do with the design of your meditation space to help make it a pleasant sanctuary. Also, you want an option that you can easily carry about when necessary and one that you can store easily. 

1. Best Meditation Mats For Travelers

If you’re searching for a meditation mat that you can simply transport on your trips, look no further. The POWGYM Pack Beach Mats are ultra-lightweight, fold up easily, and fit in a backpack or carry-on luggage. Since it weighs just above one pound, it is excellent for retreats and traveling. POWGYM Pack Beach Mats It is designed using a woven straw covered in a special water-resistant layer that acts as a barrier to prevent odors and ward off bacteria. It is soft to feel and it grips your feet and hands without becoming unnecessarily sticky. Washing can never be easier with this meditation mat. 

2. Symbolic Meditation Mats

A mandala is a figurative circle frequently utilized as an instrument for entering a state of mindfulness. A mat that comes with a mandala is an ideal addition to a meditative space.   FashionShopmart Indian Yoga Mat The FashionShopmart Indian Yoga Mat is produced from cotton inspired from ancient ottoman empire designs and a handcrafted tassel fringe. It includes a carrying case that makes the carriage to the beach or parks easy. You can hang it somewhere in your home because of its inspiring tapestry.  

3. Best Meditation Mats For Neck, Back, Sciatic, And Shoulder Pain

Certain products in the market blend traditional elements and innovative technology to make the meditative practice an increasingly interesting venture.  NAYOYA The NAYOYA Neck and Back Pain Relief – Acupressure Mat is a powerful product that features a cervical cushion for resting the head and also for the right alignment of the neck and shoulders. It includes earplugs and an eye cover for canceling out distractions and increasing focus. Also, it helps you relax constricted muscles and relieve stress. Like some other options in the market, it comes with a removable, hand-washable cover.

4. Best Meditation Mats For Children

Your kids need a meditation mat that they can easily carry about, free from toxic materials and allergens, and sufficiently thick to provide good support.  Khataland The Khataland YoFoMat satisfies all the above-mentioned requirements of meditation mats for your children. Aside from being an eco-friendly mat, the materials used for its production are non-toxic and non-allergic. Also, it is easily compressible, making its storage. There is a carry bag that makes place-to-place transportation easy and enjoyable.  The six millimeters density of this mat provides the needed support for your kids, and the fact that it is non-skid and relatively dense on both sides makes it stable on almost all solid surfaces. Touch felt folding outlines may be utilized as coordinates to help with body positioning. You can easily clean it with a mild domestic cleaner or a damp cloth.

5. Best Meditation Mat For Taller People

The Jumbo Zabuton Meditation Mat is jam-packed with kapok which offers rock-hard support while still being comfy. The external cover of cotton twill comes with a zipper making it easily removable and washable. Jumbo Zabuton

6. The Best Meditation Mat For Hardwood Floors

The ideal meditation mat for meditators with hardwood floors is something that doesn’t slide or slip about and complements the floor’s appearance. Ajna Velvet Zabuton A mat that looks amazing on a hard surface is Ajna Velvet Zabuton Meditation Mat as a result of its size and design.  This meditation mat is handcrafted in India by rural craftsmen. The weft is made of ‘kusha’ or ‘darbha’ grass, and its warp is made of cotton fabric. Its durability, as well as the fact that it is 6 ft. and 3 ft. wide, help it to create a meditation area. It has a natural, handcrafted quality to it, and unlike an artificial mat, it does not adhere to a sticky body.

7. Best Meditation Mat for Hard Surface

The Goplus Large Yoga Mat it’s perfect for carpeting or a hard surface. This is a top-notch workout mat that also serves as a meditation cushion. It’s made of non-slip materials that promote great balance and are completely non-absorbent. It’s easy to store and roll up, and it’s light enough to take with you wherever you go. Goplus Large


Meditation mats are a convenient and portable method to take mindfulness with you wherever you go. We like how you can customize these mats to fit your specific needs. These mats provide a basic area where you may concentrate on yourself, whether you require a modest kneeling cushion or want a comfy spot to rest your spine. We believe that meditation is a technique that you can do anywhere, which is why we recommend some of the best meditation mats in this article. The NAYOYA Neck and Back Pain Relief – Acupressure Mat, however, is our obvious favorite. The powerful healing properties of this meditation mat set it apart from the others. This integrative mat is far from being just a basic mat; it does miracles for your overall health. Meditation mats are only one of several items available to help you improve your meditation technique. See our extensive collection of meditation resources for much more information. Have you seen and used any of these meditation mats? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.