Best Clothing for Meditation

Getting weather-friendly and comfy meditation clothing will make your meditation times more relaxing and rewarding by making you focus on your inner calm more effectively.

If you are considering maintaining your mindfulness existence by engaging in meditation, something a trivial as a wardrobe malfunction can pose some distractions. As a result, you may have a hard time grounding and concentrating squarely on the exercise.

Meditation clothing is a vital inclusion that would help keep you comfortable and focused during the meditation exercise. Below are our top picks for meditation clothing.

ProductBest ForRating
Siam Thailand Thai Fisherman PantsSuitable for short-term use4.3/5
Miss Bangkok Thai TrousersSuitable for beginners who are on a tight budget3.9/5
Hoerev Modal Spandex PantsSuitable for people practicing outdoor meditation4.3/5
Jing Shop PantsSuitable for shorter people4.3/5
Wynnthaishop Cotton PantsSuitable for overall meditation use4.3/5

Is There Specific Meditation Clothing?

The quick answer to this is that meditation clothes may be anything you want them to be. Traditional Buddhist meditation garments are not required for an uplifting and peaceful meditation session. Loose-fitting slacks and shirts draped clothes or robes, or even ordinary sporting gear can be used for meditation.

What to Consider for When Purchasing Meditation Clothes?

The problem lies in getting quality clothing that doesn’t constrain your mobility or concentrate on fashion first. Breathability and fit come first, followed by eye-catching patterns and styles.

Nonetheless, your meditation attire should be something you love to wear so that you’re not sidetracked with distracting patterns or colors that detract you from the soothing inner experience of meditation.


Some chances are you do not want to meditate lying down or standing up, but rather in a sitting position. Forget about your preferred pair of pants that only make you feel good when you’re standing. You’ll want to wear loose-fitting cotton pants and shirts that enable you to breathe thoroughly and move freely.


Cotton is one the most breathable and closest cousin of natural fabric, although several artificial textiles offer moisture-wicking characteristics that leaves you cool and comfy.


For the sake of moving around while still in a sitting posture, a loose fit is preferable, but it is also vital to measure your clothing appropriately to minimize drooping or excess fabric hanging.


Many individuals find “cool” hues like green, purple, and blue to be relaxing, as per color psychology. Picking clothing with your preferred color or with an attractive pattern will, however, improve your meditation activity far more than you can imagine.

Benefits of Meditation Clothing

Since meditation is such a personal experience, the clothes you wear may or may not have an impact on your mental activities. Rough material, loosened threads, and tight clothes, on the other hand, can disrupt most people’s meditation efforts.

Putting on meditation-specific clothes has the benefit of allowing you to choose clothing that is appropriate for your unique activity. When you put on this clothing, you’re telling your subconscious mind that it is time to become serious about your inner business.

While wearing your favorite jeans sends a message of its own to your subconscious mind, wearing meditation clothes reorients your attention and puts you in the appropriate mental position to breathe and relax.

The Best Clothes for Meditation

Below are five of our top picks meditation clothing that you can pick for your meditation session:

1. Siam Thailand Thai Fisherman Pants

These all-cotton Thai trouser pants can be worn by both women and men and they can also adapt to suit a wide size range. Hand-dyed textiles provide originality, and there are no buttons or zippers to obstruct your mobility.

This trouser is suitable for a variety of people and, depending on length, may be worn in shorts or Capri pants. They feature instructions on how to knot them and you’ll get the best fit.


  • Comes with pure cotton flexes without bunching
  • Adjustable lightweight fit


  • Because of the short Capri-length design, it is not appropriate for all months of the year.
  • Because of natural dye runoff, the first few washings must be done separately.

2. Miss Bangkok Thai Trousers

The top panel of material on these fold-over trouser trousers is from Thailand, while the bottom panel is mainly cotton. They can be machine washed, but they’ll last longer if you hang them to dry.

The fabric is airy and light, allowing your skin to breathe without being suffocated. Because of the one-size length and flexible waist, they may be worn as pants by certain individuals yet reach mid-calf for some other individuals.


  • A low-cost initial option
  • A tiny pocket is included.


  • Shorter people should wear capris or shorts, whereas taller people should wear pants.
  • Even after cleaning, the fabric seems harsh during the first few times when worn.

3. Hoerev Modal Spandex Pants

Modal, spandex, and a fabric derived from beech trees used to create accommodating and flexible yoga-style harem trousers. You may pick from a wide range of colors to find the one that is most peaceful and soothing to you. Even though the trousers are designed to fit sizes from zero to US 26, the pants appear to run small, so consider that when purchasing.


  • Spandex and modal are supple and flexible materials.
  • Trousers with complete coverage for all times
  • Stretchy waistband with no buttons or zippers


  • The waist is made to fit, but its length variations are restricted.
  • The fabric does not allow for a lot of ventilation.

4. Jing Shop Pants

Traditional patterns on cotton material with a loose harem style make the shift from mindfulness to loungewear seamless. The one-size fit and unisex pattern appeal to waists ranging from twenty-six to forty inches.

Extremely tall people have restricted fit choices because the total length is thirty-nine inches and the inseam is thirty-two inches. These are authentic-looking lightweight trousers for meditation.


  • Wholly made from cotton 
  • Comes with a drawstring closure for a customizable fit


  • The inseam is thirty-two inches, and there’s no customizable option.
  • If you use a regular clothes dryer, the material may pill; it’s better to line-dry.

5. Wynnthaishop Cotton Pants

Harem-type elastic-waist pants provide unisex design and fit choices. The bohemian aesthetic is enhanced by the whole cotton fabric and a waist string with wooden beads.

The maker specifies that they are ethically produced clothes made entirely of cotton from Northern Thailand. While manual washing is preferred, these pants may be washed on a delicate cycle in a washing machine.


  • Color and size options are available in different varieties.
  • Comes pockets on both sides


  • After the first few washes, it may feel harsh.
  • When purchasing many pairs, there are length irregularities.


The Wnnthaishop’s cotton meditation pants are the smartest choice if you’re searching for breathable and light meditation pants with a variety of color options and design patterns. Individual fitting for each user reduces the chances of a too-tight or baggy fit. Although the thicker material of Hoerev’s modal spandex meditation pants has greater flexibility, the placement elastic is preferable for exercises that demand a lot of mobility.

Jing Shop’s harem meditation pants are a comfortable and colorful alternative for those of a particular height or with a particular inseam, but its limited sizing does not make it perfect for everyone.

The pants from Siam Thailand may be an excellent entry-level choice that fits all sizes, but the color fades through several washes, making them tough to cope with. Miss Bangkok’s meditation pants have the best value for money on our list, as the material’s roughness reflects the cheap price.