Best Acupressure Mats for Meditation

Several businesses now provide acupressure mats that touch pressure points during meditation because of the many advantages acupressure and meditation. Enjoy the perks of acupuncture from the comfort of your home. Continue reading to learn more about meditation and acupressure, as well as the finest acupressure mats that you need for your meditation journey.

ProductBest forRating
Nayoya Acupressure MatLow cost4.3/5
ProSource Acupressure MatDurability 4.3/5
TimeBeeWell Eco-Friendly Acupressure MatEco-friendly4.6/5
Daiwa Felicity Foot Massager Reflexology MatHard surfaces4.4/5
Bed of Nails Acupressure MatRegular use4.4/5

What is An Acupressure Meditation Mat?

Acupressure meditation mats are a mobile acupressure system that delivers pain treatment whenever and wherever you need it. Acupressure may help you relax, and utilizing acupressure mats while meditating can make the practice even better.

Acupressure is an Asian medical technique that includes applying pressure to certain spots on the body. The technique employs the same pathways as acupuncture with the only difference being that it doesn’t penetrate the skin.

Acupressure mats of today transmit pressure across several spots on your body while letting you choose the comfiest position. Some of these mats feature neck cushions or carrying bags, and they’re portable and washable.

If your acupressure mat does not include a neck cushion, roll a cloth beneath it for optimal placement.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Acupressure?

The advantages of using an acupressure mat span from long-term treatment from chronic illnesses to acute pain relief. According to a study of fifteen research, acupressure helps treat a range of ailments. Acupressure treatment helped those suffering from labor pain, low back pain, persistent headaches, and other diseases.

If you suffer from pain or muscular exhaustion as a result of everyday routines, medical problems, or severe exercise, utilizing an acupressure mat frequently can help you recover. Media sources have even remarked on improved blood circulation and decreased heart rates as a result of using acupressure mats for a short time.

What Are Some of the Benefits of Meditation?

When you combine acupressure on a mat with your meditative practice, you’d get two wellness therapies in one session. According to Forbes, meditation has a variety of neurobiological advantages.

The protection of aging brains, enhanced attention, antidepressant effects, better memory, and lower stress are just a few of the advantages. It isn’t hard to envision what good effects the meditation practice has on the adult mind if it helps youngsters concentrate on their schoolwork.

What to Look for in an Acupressure Mat

Acupressure mats weren’t all created equal, particularly in terms of comfort, functionality, mobility, and cost. Here are some things to think about while purchasing acupressure mats.

  • “Nail” Count

All acupressure mats are made up of a huge number of plastic spots, although the overall number of “nails” differs depending on the mat size and manufacturer. Circular plastic plates with numerous spots on their surfaces are used in contemporary acupressure mats.

The total amount of points generally ranges between 5,000 and 8,000. The more points you have, the healthier, because your weight will be equally distributed throughout the mat’s surface.

  • Materials

Plastic pressure points, an interior foam layer, and a washable fabric are all common components of acupressure mats. If you suffer from allergies, opt for a covering made entirely of cotton with a hypoallergenic foam center.

Irrespective of the material, cleaning your acupressure mat frequently will help avoid allergic reactions from dust, pollen, and other allergens.

  • Portability

Look out for mats that come with a bag or carrying case if you want to store it or take it with you while not using it. Some mats are also available in “travel size” dimensions, which adds to the mobility of your mat.

  • Price

The cheapest option is a tiny feet-only acupressure mat, which starts at around twenty dollars. You should expect to pay somewhere between twenty dollars and sixty dollars for a full-back option. Prices differ based on whether or not a cushion or other accessories are included.

Are Acupressure Mats Effective?

If their ubiquity isn’t sufficient to convince you, several acupressure mats get rave ratings from back pain sufferers, and people suffering from muscular spasms and fibromyalgia.

Since many of us spend most of our time sitting at our workstations or in car seats, having the time to boost and stretch boost blood flow is an important aspect of everyday life.

Solid research on acupressure mats, on the other hand, is limited, owing to their new popularity in the field of holistic medicine. Likewise, most of the study on acupressure also applies to the usage of acupressure mats.

Studies on Acupressure Mats

One research followed thirty-two people who listened to music while using acupressure mats. Independent questionnaires revealed that all of the individuals had experienced improved relaxation. Higher diastolic and systolic blood pressures, improved circulation, and slower heart rates were also observed after using an acupressure mat.

Other studies have found that utilizing acupressure mats increases the brain’s normal endorphin secretion. Users typically usually feel calm and sleepy after brief acupressure mat exercises, irrespective of the logic underpinning them. If you’re relatively healthy, integrating this daily routine into your everyday life appears to have no negative consequences.

Concerns About Acupressure Mat

Those with previous illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, or other health problems should avoid using acupressure mats, according to the manufacturers. People with neuropathy, for instance, should avoid using these mats, as should pregnant women.

Acupressure should be avoided by people who have epilepsy or are on anticoagulants. If you’ve got any open sores, you shouldn’t be using an acupressure mat. Before adopting an acupressure mat, talk to your doctor if you have any underlying medical issues.

ProductBest forRating
Nayoya Acupressure MatLow cost4.3/5
ProSource Acupressure MatDurability4.3/5
TimeBeeWell Eco-Friendly Acupressure MatCasual use4.6/5
Daiwa Felicity Foot Massager Reflexology MatHard surfaces4.4/5
Bed of Nails Acupressure MatRegular use4.4/5

Acupressure Mat Review

For portability, quality, and comfort, I recommend these five top acupressure mats.

1. Nayoya Acupressure Mat

There are 6,210 pressure spots on Nayoya’s mat and 1,782 spots on the roll pad that comes with it. You may store the kit in a plastic carrying case. The mat’s cover is made of cotton, and the inside foam cushioning can be removed for easy cleaning.

The whole mat’s sheer size fits both your lower and upper back regions, and the pad’s density lets you use it on both soft and hard surfaces.


  • Because the set includes a neck cushion, no rolled towel is required for placement.


  • There are lesser pressure spots on this mat than on similar mats.

2. ProSource Acupressure Mat

ProSource’s acupressure mat and cushion sets come in a variety of shades so you may pick what appeals to your tastes. There are 6,210 acupressure spots on the big mat and 1,782 on the neck pillow.

The inside cushion is a plant-centered eco-foam, and the covering is completely made from cotton. The neck pillow comes with a set of instructions on how you can use it for both your feet and face, according to the manufacturers.


  • Includes a neck cushion that may be used for a wide range of functions.
  • Suitable for both large and small individuals.


  • Comes with an uncomfortable chemical odor when initially opened

3. TimeBeeWell Eco-Friendly Acupressure Mat

This acupressure mat and cushion combination is a wonderful item to include in your collection if you’re looking for some at-home treatment for lower back pain. It has lotus-shaped spines that address and alleviate stress in your shoulders, neck, and back, and is ergonomically built for maximum comfort and efficacy. The half-moon-shaped cushion supports the neck while promoting improved alignment and posture.

This mat helps you to be kind to your environment and yourself by using non-toxic ingredients and plant-based eco-foam. The set comes with a three-year guarantee and it comes in a multitude of beautiful hues.


  • It’s great for working on your lower back.
  • Design is stunning.
  • Warranty of three years
  • Materials that are good for the environment


  • It’s possible that the mat and pillow will not fit in the bag.

4. Daiwa Felicity Foot Massager Reflexology Mat

If your feet are achy and weary often, try this little yet effective acupressure pad made particularly for your soles. The mat’s 250 firm plastic nodes allow you to push acupressure spots on your feet with your weight. It also has ten magnets implanted in it to aid blood flow.

This budget-friendly mat is also small and lightweight, making it easy to store in a backpack or luggage. You may have to ease into frequent use cautiously and carefully at first, but your feet will ultimately appreciate you.


  • Affordable
  • Easily transportable
  • Ideal for weary, aching feet.
  • Magnets included in the design for increased blood circulation benefits


  • A 250-pound weight restriction applies.
  • Not recommended for people with fragile feet.

5. Bed of Nails Acupressure Mat

The mat from Bed of Nails has a total of 8,820 nails on it. As a result of the improved weight distribution, users will feel lesser discomfort as they acclimate to the pressure point feeling. Harmless curved spikes are reprocessed Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene plastic whereas the foam is made from polyurethane.

The covering is made of one hundred percent cotton, and is available in three colors, and is machine washable. It’s best to put them to use on hard surfaces for the best effect and gentler surfaces for minimal pressure.


  • Mats with a greater nail count distribute weight more evenly than mats with a lower nail count.


  • No neck pillow featured


For ideal weight distribution and comfort, the nail count of the Bed of Nails Acupressure Mat is the most remarkable. Acupressure is comfier with proper weight allocation and reused harmless plastic nails and a one hundred percent cotton covering keep things hypoallergic and clean. With its dense cushion and marketable nail count, Nayoya’s Acupressure Mat is a formidable challenger that’s great for relaxation.ProSource’s neck pillow and mat provide an excellent value for the cost and appeal to people that are just wetting their feet with acupressure. The Acupressure Mat from Spoonk features a thick, sturdy cover, but it lacks the pressure spot count features of other products. Finally, Kenko’s mat is not my choicest because of the maker’s lack of information, like the number of nails included in the package.